Our Story

My journey into the natural product world started when I was introduced to cloth diapering after my first child was born. I was immediately hooked.

This new awareness about what my family and I were consuming forced me to quickly make changes. I started making my own cleaning and body products. I canned peaches and applesauce, started recycling, and took up gardening.

My passion for eco-friendly products transformed into something much more than I ever imagined when I volunteered to teach a cloth diapering class at our community center. After seeing the interest and demand and a similar desire of other moms to provide their families with safe products, I opened a brick-and-mortar store in 2011 to sell natural products for mom, baby, and home.

I employed moms who were allowed to bring their kids to work with them. It might not have been the most efficient setup, but I strongly believed in supporting moms who might not have otherwise been able to work outside the home.

Continuing with my love for natural products, my husband and I founded R.B. Amber Jewelry in 2014, an online store that offer the finest-sourced, therapeutic, real Baltic amber jewelry for adults and children.

The idea for Sweetbottoms® Naturals came about due to my struggles to raise a family, run businesses, and find vetted, nontoxic, and 100% natural products without breaking the bank or spending hours researching what’s best for my family. And from my desire to help other moms easily and confidently shop for what they need at a competitive price.

So, I delved into the world of manufacturing using organic ingredients and finally brought my background in Agriculture and Applied Economics and Horticulture to use.

In 2019, Sweetbottoms® Naturals launched its online store, and, as they say, the rest is history!

I invite you to browse our store and see for yourself the selection of organic, mom-tested products for you and your little one.

To Your Health,

Beth Richardson, Founder | Owner