moringa for milk to breastfeed adopted babydelialahlee  My little guy is 5 months old and the time is flying. He’s eating more these days which means mama has to stay on top of my supplements to keep the milk coming in. Did you know you can breastfeed an adopted baby? A lot of times people are surprised to hear that but it’s true. A woman’s body has an innate maternal instinct and knows exactly what to do when a baby is consistently put to the breast. I pumped for a couple of weeks before his arrival to get things ready and started supplementing with Moringa for Milk by @sweetbottomsnaturals. As a #naturopathicdoctor I’m super picky about what supplements I use and this brand made the top of my list when I was on the search for the best #moringa to increase my milk supply. #Organic, #glutenfree, #allergenfree, and #kosher this stuff has been my go to!

moringa for milk to increase breastmilk supply

jmbundy0412  LOVE Sweetbottoms Naturals Soothing Herbal balm! Use as diaper cream, for skin irritations, cuts and scrapes. I use it on my little one and it makes skin irritations go away and truly softens the skin! Bonus: It actually smells great! @sweetbottomsnaturals

sweetbottoms naturals teething oil

nashwilsonbabywearers  Ya'll, I still cannot say enough good things about this stuff. If you have a baby, teething or not yet, GET IT!